Heating Installation

Living in Spokane, the heating system in your home is an important part to your comfort and safety through our harsh winter. You need it working when it's cold. One of the ways we ensure this is that at Holliday Heating and Air conditioning we take time surveying your home. To give you the guarantees and warranties we offer, we need to make sure we install the right sized system and that it will meet all of your comfort expectations. No, it's not easy, but we have the people and skills to make it happen.

Heating System Service

When your furnace fails you or heater gives you havoc, you want someone who will show up on time, be professional and respect your home. And you probably would like them to give you heat again. We get it. When we get invited into your home we will take our time being through and then we will explain what's going on and give you options.

Since your comfort system has no respect for the time of day or day of week that is will decide to give up the ghost, we offer 24/7 Emergency Services, we'll have one of our trained Technicians out to help you as quickly as possible. We know you need to keep your family safe and comfortable, so we'll make sure you're not without heat for any longer than absolutely necessary.