Air Conditioning Repair

Your central air conditioner is composed of three essential elements: the condenser, the outdoor coil, and the indoor coil. While annual tune-ups can keep your air conditioning functioning, sometimes a system needs more extensive repairs in one or more of these areas.

  • Your central air conditioner is connected to your home’s forced-air distribution system. This means that the same motor, blower and ductwork your home uses for heating are also distributing cool air.
  • As with any mechanical system, minor issues can build into bigger problems if left unchecked. When a major event occurs, we strongly encourage you to contact Holliday Heating and Air Conditioning.
  • Considering the many parts involved in your air conditioning unit, both inside and outside the home, the first challenge involves isolating and determining what exactly is causing the malfunction.
  • If the system is blowing unevenly, isn’t providing enough cooling, or if creaking noises are coming from the returns, the problem could be with the unit, the furnace, or ductwork.

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