Gas Furnace ignites, burns briefly, then shuts off. Solution: The furnace must sense the flame for it to continue gas flow to the burners. A faulty flame sensor is likely to blame. Service is required.

Gas furnace runs for a while then blows cold air. Solution: Check your air filter; switch your thermostat to ‘off’, then back to ‘heat’ wait a few minutes. If the problem continues, call us today 509-838-5717 for service.

Clicking noise from furnace with intermittent low to high heat output. Solution: Check your air filter. An obstructed filter will cause furnace to operate its high limit safety. If a clean filter does not resolve the clicking noise, call for service.

Brief smoke or burning smell coming from the furnace. Solution: It is a common occurrence to have a brief ‘burn-off’ at the first use of the heating season. If the problem persists, shut power off and call us today 509-838-5717 for service.

Air conditioner runs and blows cool briefly, then stops cooling-or-A/C keeps running outside but there is little or no airflow. Solution: Check your air filter, replace if dirty. Switch your thermostat to ‘off’. allow 6 to 12 hours with system off and fan switched from ‘auto’ to ‘on’. (Force defrosting indoor coil.) Be prepared for possible water flowing around the furnace. If filter was not dirty and there was no air flow, call us today 509-838-5717 for service.

Air blows indoors but not cooling. Outside A/C system is not running (or) is making a buzzing noise. Solution: Electrical problem, not user serviceable, call for service. Shut off A/C at the thermostat.

Heat pump is blowing cool air in winter, fan runs all the time. Solution: If outdoor temperature is lower than 30 degrees and the outdoor system is running continuously, switch heat pump thermostat to ‘E-heat’. (This may be normal operation.) Switch system back to ‘heat’ when outdoor temps are higher. Monitor heat output.

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